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30 April 2012
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26 year-old with a Bachelor's in Nutrition & Dietetics; formerly in Art School.

Set up my personal blog in 2008, where I wrote all manner of things until I decided to discontinue it in 2012. To scratch my writing itch and combine it with my love of Trance music, I accepted an invitation to write for VĂ¢nd Sunete, a music blog set up by a friend. All these years later, I'm still writing reviews over there, and on a similar publication, TranceMag, where I'm also in charge of editing and graphics creation.

Have been active on Neowin since about 2012, so when a post was put up requesting applications to write for the site, I jumped on the occasion. Since I'm pretty much the tech person in the house, I thought this would give me an opportunity to not only learn more about the ins and out of technology beyond what I already knew, but to basically give back to the community for being so welcoming all these years. The rest is pretty much (post) history.

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