Broadcom sues Intel!

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Communications chipmaker Broadcom said Monday it had filed a lawsuit charging that certain Intel semiconductors infringe on patents held by Broadcom.

In a complaint filed Monday in the Eastern District of Texas, Texarkana Division, U.S. District Court, Broadcom alleges that some of the chips Intel makes to support its microprocessor infringe on patents issued to Broadcom for display technology.

Microprocessors are the primary computing engines of personal computers, and must be used in conjunction with--and in support of--other chips, such as graphics, memory, chipsets and motherboards in order for a PC to function properly.

In its complaint, Broadcom said that "the Intel support chips include inventions that are claimed by the Broadcom patents."

Broadcom said in its complaint that it is seeking damages "in an amount adequate to compensate Broadcom for (Intel's) infringement of the Broadcom patents, including but not limited to the damages attributable to the sale of Intel microprocessors and related components in combination with the infringing devices."

The complaint also seeks triple damages, as well as interest on the damages awarded and attorney's fees.

An Intel spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment.

The lawsuit is the second recent example of legal squabbling between the two companies in an industry that is no stranger to such wrangling.

In August 2000, Intel filed a patent infringement lawsuit against chip designer Altima Communications, which was bought by Broadcom in September 2001.

The U.S. International Trade Commission has barred the U.S. sale of those chips.

That lawsuit is ongoing.

News source: ZDNet News - Broadcom sues Intel

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