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Apple secures supply of 5G components as it signs new multibillion-dollar deal with Broadcom

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Apple has refreshed its agreements with Broadcom in the latest announcement that informs about a new “multiyear, multibillion-dollar” arrangement between the two firms. The deal is based on the latter providing Apple products with the newest 5G technology to keep the company ahead of its competitors.

Broadcom is a technology and advanced manufacturing firm based in the United States that will develop wireless chips and 5G radio frequency components like Film Bulk Acoustic Resonato (FBAR) filters, among other 5G items. These bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters have superior performance with steeper rejection curves compared to surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters. They will be manufactured in Broadcom’s manufacturing hubs in America such as that in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, commended that all of the technology behind Apple’s products has been designed and manufactured in American facilities, which makes the company a great contributor to the country’s economy. He added:

“We’re thrilled to make commitments that harness the ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit of American manufacturing. All of Apple’s products depend on technology engineered and built here in the United States, and we’ll continue to deepen our investments in the U.S. economy because we have an unshakable belief in America’s future.”

Additionally, Apple mentioned that it helps to sustain more than 1,100 jobs in Broadcom’s FBAR manufacturing hub present in Fort Collins. It elaborated that the deal will boost investment in “critical automation projects” and would make technicians and engineers more skilled.

Moreover, the Cupertino-based company reminded that the agreement comes as a part of the company’s goal announced in 2021 where it plans to invest $430 billion in the U.S. economy within five years. It added that the company is on pace with its targets with investments.

The collaboration of these leading firms in the world of technology is not something new. In 2020, they announced two multi-year pacts that could earn billions in revenue. According to these agreements, Apple would receive Broadcom-manufactured components such as wireless chips and modules for its devices that would be released towards the middle of 2023.

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