Brothers in Arms Multiplayer: First Look!

Schnell! Schnell! We learn the art of ambushing and rushing in as we get hands-on with multiplayer in Gearbox's WWII FPS.

Think about it. You're crouched behind a wall in a deserted farmyard. Over to your far right, your fellow German comrades, all obedient to your every command, are standing poised with their K98s raised a-ready. Holding ground beyond them, remaining low beyond dense foliage, is your best chum, Korky, now sergeant of a small squad of Nazi soldiers who are staring precariously into the distance.

Fire on sight!

Through the twigs, moving directly between your two positions, an Allied assault darts courageously across the pebbled road. Reacting in accordance to their acute military training, your team attempts to thwart their approach with a deadly round of fire, which is instantly joined by a further pounding from your mate's squad. The Allies respond by seeking cover at a nearby farmhouse.

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