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BT : I hate thee :)

Angry Neowin reader Stewart writes in with this about BT :

"I've just found out after thinking my home mail server had died. that BT have BLOCKED port 25 on incoming. Which basically means any HOME user with a dynamic IP address can no longer run a private HOME mail server, in this case like me :-(

When I rang up their technical help desk 10 mins ago, even the guy who I spoke DIDN'T know about it, until he'd spoken to his supervisor, then he said "yes we have blocked port 25 for dynamic IP account users. What annoys me the most is that I have 3 DOMAIN names registered with NetSol at $70ea. ALL pointing to my server via a DYNAMIC DNS site, now I can't use them until "I upgrade to a STATIC IP based account"... Which happens to be a business account charged at 3 months in advance, which at this time I CANNOT afford to do...

To say I'm pissed off is a serious understatement, please let your readers know this abortion from BT. You know, I've had DSL via BT since the 5th of February 2001, and NEVER had a problem until this."

Well well well. This is kinda bad news - once one starts doing it- the others think its ok. Also - Dont BT have a legal obligation to inform its users of changes to the contract?

View: BT.com

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