Bungie-Activision game publishing deal revealed

Bungie announced in 2010 a deal with Activision to release a series of games for the publisher for the next 10 years. Now some of those game details have become public as a result of the release of court documents related to Activision's lawsuit with the co-founders of Infinity Ward. The Los Angeles Times website has posted up the contract between Activision and Bungie.

The contract calls for Bungie to create four full games under the code name "Destiny" which are described as "sci-fantasy, action shooter games" with MMO elements. The first game is supposed to launch sometime in the fall of 2013, with the other games to be released every two years. In between, Bungie is also supposed to release expansion packs for each game, under the code name "Comet".

The first Destiny game is supposed to be a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 console, along with the next version of the Xbox (referred to in the contract as the Xbox 720). In 2014, a PS3 version of the first Destiny game is supposed to be released. In 2015, the second Destiny game is supposed to launch for the Xbox 360, "Xbox 720", the PS3, "PS4" and the PC. Activision can choose to break from the Bungie contract if the first "Destiny" game does not sell five million copies in its first six months.

The contract also mentions another "action-shooter" prototype that's being developed by Bungie with the code name "Marathon" (the name of Bungie's debut sci-fi shooter for the Mac in the 1990s). Only a small team, made up of just five percent of Bungie's workforce, can develop this prototype game.

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