Buzzybots 2.2 released

Today game graphics are moving in a direction of photo-realism needing monster computers and graphics cards like the Geforce 3. The days where games were made in the garage are long overdue, but to honor those days we will try to make a mod focusing on a fun gameplay, and not being realistic in any manner.

The game takes place 25 years ago (but on the other side of the galaxy .. hehe). What used to be a planet of peaceful BuzzyBots of mixed colors, has changed to a planet of war. No one can remember why, but outsiders have speculated that is has something to do with the strange "Skrunks" that came to the planets, only a few months before the first battles started. The "Skrunks" seems amused by the warfare and don't hesitate smashing a few robots them self, if there are anyone nearby.

This not so realismoriented mod (for Half-Life) has just been finished and has made it to version 2.2

The new version includes:

  • Totally rebuild the weapons code.
  • Enabled unused weapons animations.
  • Fixed all known weapon bugs.
  • Added 24 new CVARS.
  • Added 4 new surprise upgrades (shrink,½gravity,!EMH,super cooling).
  • Improved 3'rd person view (though the game isn't surposed to be played that way).
  • Removed the reset of player score when changing team.
  • Fixed a minor issues with the Runner model.
  • Fixed the Spy's hull so he now can go into small place without "ducking".
  • Spy now fires his EMH grenades like he used to.
  • Fixed several Spy issues.
  • new maps: bb_morph (cheesehound), bb_core (pwg7), sc_qerm (chips, new build).
  • Reset the config.cfg to VALVe's default "never played" values.
Download: Buzzybots 2.2 (Windows - 9.6mb) or Linux - 8.1mb version.

View: Buzzybots Homepage

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