Bvckup 2 Release 76


Bvckup 2 is a mirroring data backup software notable for its use of delta copying, speed of operation, small resource footprint and a "beautifully functional" user interface. The software replicates files from one location to another in their original format and purposefully does not include options for compressing or encrypting them. It does however include a comprehensive list of supporting features including periodic and real-time backup scheduling, removable device tracking and shadow copying support. Ideal for making local backups, backups going to external and removable drives as well as to NAS devices.

Bvckup 2 features:

  • Real-time, scheduled and manual backups
  • Very fast, delta file copying
  • Excellent user interface
  • Backup of locked files with shadow copying
  • Removable device tracking
  • Move/rename detection
  • Windows XP and newer
  • Full 64-bit support
  • Run-as-a-service mode
  • Symlink and junction support
  • Ownership, group and DACL copying
  • Fully asynchronous I/O
  • Multi-core processing where required
  • Optimized throughout for no run-time bloat
  • Software update notifications

Changes in Bvckup 2 Release 76:

  • Support for auto-updates in headless (service) mode
  • Support for silent and scripted installation
  • Support for locking down command line control
  • Support for activation via command line
  • Support for private update channels
  • Support for inventory tags
  • Support for switching the app mode from command line
  • More robust switching between desktop and service modes
  • A bit more visible update notifications
  • Revised version of system IDs as used for license binding
  • New email alert for when the app becomes unlicensed
  • Formal support for HFS+ volumes
  • Assorted smaller changes, bugfixes and UI tweaks [full release notes]

Download: Bvckup 2 Release 76 | 1.9 MB (Free trial, $19.95)
View: Bvckup 2 Home Page

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