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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare finally wins the support of viewers in new cutscene

While Activision's upcoming Call of Duty game, titled Infinite Warfare, might be getting panned on YouTube - with over 3 million dislikes alone for the reveal trailer, making it the second-most disliked video on YouTube - the company finally appears to have some good news to look forward to. As noted by VG247, a new cutscene from the game seems to be the only one that's getting positive reception from viewers.

The aforementioned cutscene, named "Long Live the Captain", is in fact a cinematic and shows no gameplay at all. There is no action to be noted and the video focuses solely on some great voice acting, a tense environment and character development. It showcases playable character Lieutenant Reyes being promoted to Captain as the highest-ranking officer remaining aboard the UNSA Retribution.

As of right now, the YouTube video has amassed nearly 200,000 views with almost 15,000 likes as compared to 5,000 dislikes - with people praising the "great voice acting" and graphics. While this may not seem overly impressive, it is in stark contrast to the harsh reception of the reveal trailer, which scored more than three million dislikes, as well as a gameplay footage, which received more than 80,000 dislikes.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is slated for a launch on November 4 this year, and stars Kit Harington (Jon Snow from HBO's Game of Thrones) as the primary antagonist.

Source: Call of Duty (YouTube) via VG247

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