CES Day 3 Live Blogging

Another busy day at CES. The purpose of this article is to talk about the kinds of things you probably won't hear about at other news sources.

Bushnell is introducing some new devices that make use of Accuweather information that is piped in via its own wireless method (FM is my guess) that gives the latest weather info in real-time. No need to hook it up to anything, just plug it in and go.

This Samsung Coca Cola dispenser makes me wish I lived in Japan now. Because in Japan, they live in the near future.

Hitachi was showing off a technology that I think will become quite common in the next year or two and will make DVD upscaling obsolete for the most part. Basically, a processor on the TV can be enabled that vastly improved the quality (not the resolution) of the video by having algorithms that selectively enhance the video. If you've ever watched Blade Runner where he's zooming in on the photograph, this is the next best thing.

Bottom line, in a couple of years, your current DVD collection will get a new lease on life.

Canon had a whole new range of HD (and SD) camcorders. Now, some Neowiners may disagree with me but AVCHD is the devil. All of Canon's HD cameras record to AVCHD which then has to be taken off the internal memory card or the SD card via something like Voltaic or Ulead and THEN converted to a non-crazy format. It's very annoying.

By contrast, Canon also recently started selling digital cameras that can video (though only up to 640x480) but at least store them as Quicktime .MOV files.

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