Cloudmark SpamNet goes final

The popular freeware tool Cloudmark SpamNet has surprised its community of 400,000+ "Spam Fighters" by announcing that SpamNet will actually cost up to $4.99 per month to use or $3.99 if you upgraded from a beta, the press release follows:

    Cloudmark, the company that empowers consumers to fight spam, today announced the availability of SpamNet 1.0, the easy-to-use Microsoft® Outlook® add-in that saves you time by protecting you from spam. The highly anticipated 1.0 release is backed by the first and largest spamfighting community in the world, now with more than 400,000 users and adding a new SpamFighter every minute. Cloudmark is the first to launch a real-time anti-spam service that is worry-free and improves every second. SpamNet automatically gets the most up to date information from its 400,000 SpamFighters, who are submitting over 15 spam reports a second, making it the easiest and most effective spam fighting tool in the industry. The key to SpamNet's success is its simplicity - you just install it in minutes and forget about it. Other anti-spam products force their customers to constantly tweak and adjust their product for it to work effectively. With SpamNet, there's no paying for upgrades in the future and customers don't have to configure rules, or update whitelists or blacklists because SpamNet works automatically.

    To celebrate final availability and to thank our loyal SpamFighters, Cloudmark is offering beta users a special discount price of $3.99 a month to continue the fight against spam. New users can try SpamNet FREE for 30-days at and then pay only $4.99 a month to experience the spam protection trusted by hundreds of thousands.

That's right, you now have to pay for SpamNet. In my view this is a self-destructive move by the company which will soon mean less and less users using the application, and thus, more spam coming in for the paying customers.

In a recent forum post by Cloudmark's VP Product Development man, Alex Edelstein, they have come to a decision which will allow users to download the last, free, beta version, Beta 10e to those users who used the automatic upgrade software in the beta version and didn't realize what they were upgrading to.

News source: Cloudmark press release

News source: Forum post by Alex Edelstein

Download: Cloudmark SpamNet 1.0 Final - 30 day shareware

Download: Cloudmark SpamNet 1.0 Beta 10e - Freeware

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