CNBC: Apple beating the recession, is 'untouchable'

Recently, a panel on CNBC's Fast Money turned to the topic of Apple, and how they are faring in the recession. The man who was brought in to talk about it, J.P. Mark from Farmhouse Equity Research seemed very confident that Apple are beating the recession, and a headline on the show read 'Apple is untouchable'.

Mark stated that you can go into any Apple Store and the excitement at the retail level is still very high, which he believes is a rare thing when you have so many companies competing against one-another. He implies that because Apple continues to have something on the horizon that fans are anticipating, the Cupertino-based company will continue to be successful. Unsurprisingly, iPhone OS 3.0 is mentioned, and Mark then asks, "How many other devices have you bought, how many other electronic devices have you bought, that become more valuable the longer you hold it?"

One of the presenters asks, "[Can they] make a phone where I could actually have a conversation without it dropping off?" He also mentions he hates the iPhone, which makes for some fun watching. Adding to this, Mark reasons, "Apple's changing the world, seriously. These guys are doing things that other people are not doing." He believes iPhone OS 3.0 and the inevitable upcoming iPhone is a great stimulus for Apple, and so they will continue to strive.

The video of this is embedded below, and we do suggest you watch it before commenting.

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