Comcast CEO: We don't wake up every day wanting to be hated

Comcast - the company that seemingly every American, whether a subscriber or not, hates - says that it doesn't want to be hated. That’s according to the company's CEO Brian Roberts, speaking at the CodeCon conference that is taking place this week.

Realistically, no CEO wants his or her company to be hated, of course, but Comcast has proven time and time again that it is right at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to customer service. More so, the company has been named the ‘Worst Company in America’ and it’s not the first time it has won this award.

Everything, from data caps to trying to become a mega-super-conglomerate, has traditionally upset the consumer who feels that they are consistently having to pay more, for less. Also, the perception that Comcast, and other ISPs, create artificial limitations on services, while others like Google can seemingly offer better service at a lower cost, does not help the company's image.

The ‘news’ is obviously not a surprise but if you thought every Comcast employee went to work hoping to make your day a little bit worse, according to their CEO, this is not the case. 

How will the company turn its ship from ‘Most hated company in America’ to something less awful? Roberts didn’t fully detail his plan and considering that the company is making cash by the boatloads, don’t expect any sweeping overhauls anytime soon.

Source: Ina Fried

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