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Comcast offers its Xfinity customers internet access even during power outages

comcast xfinity storm-ready wifi

Power outages are always a major problem when it comes to traditional wired internet connections. If a thunderstorm storm comes through, it could knock out your internet access for at least a few hours, even if you still have power in your home. Also, there could be other power disruptions, or the internet service could go down due to maintenance or an issue that has nothing to to with a power disruption.

Comcast has just announced a new device for its Xfinity internet customers that aims to keep a constant net connection going at your house, even during power outages due to storms, heat blackouts, or other interruptions. It's called Storm-Ready WiFi, and it's available right now for Xfinity users.

The company's press release states:

Comcast’s new Storm-Ready WiFi device is equipped with cellular back-up and a four-hour rechargeable battery, more than enough power to keep customers up and running for the average power outage in the U.S. of two hours.

The WiFi 6-based device can also serve as a WiFi extender in your house, offering expanded access to your home wireless network. Customers will use the mobile Xfinity app to set up the product, which should make it easy to integrate it with your home network. Comcast says:

The device simply integrates with customers’ existing Xfinity Gateway and WiFi network, as well as the Xfinity app, without any need to switch networks in-home. Any time the Storm-Ready WiFi transitions to cellular, customers will receive a notification and their devices will automatically maintain connectivity.

Comcast is currently offering the Storm-Ready WiFi product as a lease device, charging $7 a month for 36 months. That price does come with unlimited cellular data for users, so they shouldn't see any extra data charges when the device kicks in during a power outage. It's now available to buy at the company's Xfinity Stores and also at its Xfinity website.

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