Customers with Half-Life 2 coupons

ATI Technologies Inc. today announced that customers who received a Half-Life 2 coupon with their purchase of a RADEON® 9600 or RADEON® 9800 product will receive an added bonus – entry into Valve's Counter-Strike: Source beta program.

The original Counter-Strike is the world's most popular online action game, generating over four billion player minutes per month. Counter-Strike: Source, the next installment of the game, blends CS's intense team play with the advanced features of the Valve Source™ technology, the same technology powering Half-Life 2.

The coupon holders will experience the benefits of advanced DirectX® 9 graphics rendered on a RADEON®-powered graphics card. Coupon holders can visit to activate their Steam account and enable them to join the Counter-Strike: Source beta.

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News source: ATI

View: ATI Press Release

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