David talks chips. Transmeta and Palladium

THE CEO OF Transmeta, David Ditzel, has disclosed the firm's plans for implementing Palladium on the firm's future CPUs

In an interview with Japanese web site PC Watch, Ditzel also revealed details of Transmeta's future roadmaps, confirming some details of its Astro chip, which the firm showed off at Comdex Fall.

Transmeta has scored most of its design wins in Japan, since it first launched its "Crusoe" technology.

Other X86 CPU manufacturers, including AMD and Intel, have already said they will support Palladium in future CPUs.

Ditzel told PC Watch that it would be able to implement Palladium by modifying an intermediate software layer that the CPUs use.

The article suggests that secure features could be built into Transmeta CPUs as early as next year.

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News source: The Inquirer

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