Dell's New Lineup May Not Be Enough

After almost two years marked by management turnover, financial woes, and product flubs, Dell seized the opportunity at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to turn on some flash and dash. As part of his keynote address on Jan. 9, Dell (DELL) Chairman Michael Dell unveiled the Dell XPS 710 gaming desktop, calling it a machine for "serious gamers who want to push performance beyond tested limits." That machine, which sells for $5,499, features a high-tech cooling system that mimics a car radiator and uses components similar to those used in space shuttles.

Dell also announced the Home Media Suite, a bundle of products designed to connect the television, PC, and other electronics. The package includes speakers, a Webcam, a 27-inch flat-panel monitor, a printer, and other related equipment and software—all aimed at making the computer a hub of home entertainment. For Dell, "the task this year is figuring out how to shed its commodity image," says Bob Djurdjevic of Annex Research. "These products are a part of that."

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News source: BusinessWeek

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