Did Leopard Rush to Make the Holiday Vista Missed?

I've been testing Mac OS X 10.5 on three Macs, one a MacBook Pro, all with Intel processors. There's something about Leopard that feels unfinished, like it left the den before reaching full maturity. On Saturday, I installed Leopard as upgrades on the three computers, and glitches have occurred on them all. I chose the upgrade option, rather than a clean install, as that's what I expect typical buyers to do.

The number of hiccups—and program crashes—is surprising for a Mac operating system. There are plenty of application incompatibilities, too. For example, Adobe has acknowledged compatibility problems between Lightroom 1.2 and Leopard; an update is expected in a few weeks.

Numerous Web forums are bulging with complaints about installation and compatibility problems and user interface changes (yeah, black text on dark gray was a really smart decision).

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