Donkey Kong takes over February 4th

Nintendo has revealed that Game Boy Advance title DK King of Swing (screenshots) - an unconventional Donkey Kong game featuring platform and puzzle elements, but largely based around swinging through trees using the L and R buttons - will launch alongside the GameCube's Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat (screenshots) on February 4th next year.

Nintendo had previously revealed that Jungle Beat, which uses the bongo controllers made famous by above-average rhythm-actioner Donkey Konga earlier this year, would be available on the 4th, but now jungle lovers will be given a choice between a pair of Kong-related offerings. The platform holder has been quietly re-announcing its Q1 line-up over the past few weeks, having given us a rundown of some of the dates in late October. Other Cube games with solid early 2005 dates include The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure (Jan 7th), Mario Power Tennis (Feb 25th) and Mario Party 6 (March 18th)

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