Dropbox doubles capacity of paid accounts

Dropbox announced Tuesday that it will double the capacity of Dropbox Pro accounts without raising the costs of the subscriptions. The changes will go into effect Tuesday night, according to the announcement on Dropbox's official blog post, and should be completed by Wednesday morning.

The former Pro 50 accounts, which provided 50 gigabytes of storage for $9.99 per month or $99 per year, will be upgraded to 100 gigabytes of capacity with no change in price. Likewise, the Pro 100 plan with 100 gigabytes for $19.99 per month of $199 per year will be upgraded to 200 gigabytes for the same price. Dropbox announced that it will be adding a new subscription tier to its service - a 500 gigabyte plan with no announced price yet. The new pricing information will be available on Dropbox's website at some point Tuesday night.

Comparatively, Google Drive offers 100 gigabytes of storage at $4.99 per month, or about $60 per year, while Microsoft SkyDrive has a 100 gigabyte upgrade for $50 per year. Amazon Cloud Drive, like the new Dropbox plan, has 100 gigabytes for $100 per year.

Existing Dropbox Pro members will also be given a free three-month trial of the Pro 100 plan to give away to a friend or family member.

Source: Dropbox

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