DS Lite Sells 35k on UK Opening

Nintendo's revision of their DS console sold a comfortable 35k in the first two days of being on sale, despite the whole of country wrapped up in world cup fever (Ok, maybe not so much in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Surprisingly both the white and black versions of the console sold similar amounts.

The 35k figure is roughly 40% of what the original DS had sold previously in the UK, which went on sale in March last year. Speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, ChartTrack's Dorian Bloch said "You can call it good as they've managed to sell 35,000 even though the football's on. I tend to think it doesn't make much difference to what the year total will be, because those who haven't bought it yet will buy it as soon as their attention has moved on from something else."

Shockingly the original DS seems to be selling well, with figures the same as the previous week, partly down to the release of the pink DS along with Nintendogs Daschund.

Have you been convinced to buy a DS Lite because of the revamp? Let us know below.

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