Dungeon Lords demo upcoming

Games can sample DreamCatcher's action-RPG, due to retailers October 15, in less than two weeks.

First-person shooters and role-playing games are two of the most popular genres in the market, but the conventional wisdom has always been that never the twain shall meet. DreamCatcher Games and Heuristic Park hope to change that with Dungeon Lords, the first fantasy RPG with a first-person-shooter perspective and control system.

RPG fans need not worry that Dungeon Lords' plotline and role-playing elements will be given short shrift in favor of the action. Author D.W. Bradley, famous for the classic Wizardry series, has been recruited to handle the game's story. Dungeon Lords also promises many playable races and character classes, detailed character development and four distinct schools of magic.

Dungeon Lords will ship for the PC on October 16.

News source: GameSpot

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