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EFF and Amnesty International back anti-spying software

Nobody would be surprised if we were to tell them the Internet is being spied on. Whether it’s the NSA, your local authoritarian government or a friendly Nigerian prince out for your credit card, privacy and security seem to be under constant threat online. But Amnesty International alongside its partners is here to help with a new tool.

Called Detekt, this open-source programmed was developed with Amnesty’s and the EFF’s backing and its primary purpose is to scan your Windows PC for known government-used spyware. Unfortunately, the program can’t uninstall the logging software by itself, so you might still need help from a security expert.

And sure, while many of us might see this as a bit paranoid, the NSA revelation during the past two years has shown that governments are capable of spying even on their own citizens.

If you’re interested in the tool check out the source link below.

Update: As pointed out by Zlip792 in the comments, this does not work with Windows 8.1 64-bit versions.

Source: Resist Surveillance via: The Guardian |Binary Code image via Shutterstock

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