Elemental: Fallen Enchantress beta coming to Steam soon

Stardock's next major game release will be Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, the next game in its fantasy themed turn-based strategy series. The game has been available in beta form for anyone who pre-orders the full version and now it should soon be available for a larger audience.

In a post on the game's message board, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell said that the next beta version for Fallen Enchantress will be released sometime next week on Steam. He states:

The plan is to put out Beta 4A and then collect as much feedback as we can. Seriously, NOW is the time to ask for stuff (within reason) because when Beta 5 comes out (next month) we’ll be in feature lock-down. No new features until after release.

The beta version won't feature the single player campaign, as Stardock is keeping it a secret in order to avoid spoilers. The previous Elemental game, War of Magic, will be discontinued, according to Wardell, although support for the game will continue for people who have already bought it. Wardell states, "Fallen Enchantress is a lot closer to what we had in mind."

Wardell also says that if Fallen Enchantress sells well enough, most of the game's code will be released as an open source project, saying, "That way, people could make their own strategy games."

Source: Fallen Enchantress website | Image via Stardock

For information on the relationship between Neowin/Neogamr and Stardock, check out this FAQ

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