Emulation: Steem v2.06

For all you Atari fans out there (like me :))

Steem is an Atari STE emulator. It has taken about 2 years to get to its present state where it runs the vast majority of ST software without problems. One of the best features of Steem is that it is very easy to use, almost all its options can be toggled while the emulation is still running to see the effects they have. The usual nightmare of setting up virtual hard drives and finding/switching disk images is a doddle using Steem's disk manager. You can easily set up and use any axis or any button of any joystick supported by Windows to control the ST joysticks or aspects of the emulator itself using Steem's innovative shortcuts feature.

Bugs Fixed:

. Joystick button disabling

. Fullscreen right border bug.

. Crash and burn no longer happens when not needed.

. 24-bit border colour changing flicks.

. Cartridge access crashing.

. Number pad with shift or numlock off now works.

. FDC read track to invalid address crash.

. FDC force interrupt works now.

. FDC write track destroy whole disk bug fixed.

New Features:

. DirectInput joystick option.

. XSteem shortcuts - can avoid using the Pause/Break key.

. Shift correction for some keyboard languages.

. Automatic patch update.

. Jaguar Powerpad emulation.

News source: Steem website

Download: Steem v2.06 (509Kb)

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