ePSXe V1.5.0

A new release of one of the best (the best) playstation emulators out there.

Here's what's new:

  • Fixed a bug in MDECs, which caused Metal Gear Solid and Rayman 1 to crash. Furthermore, the MDEC options aren't read from the windows registry any more, so you can only disable them with command lines from now on.

  • Rewritten the code what loaded the ps-exe files when starting a game, for a better detection of the games name and the region.

  • Added native support for ppf files. Now you don't need to patch the games any more, simply copy your ppf file into the directory "/patches", with the same name than the main PS-exe file in the cdrom (SLES*,SCES*, SLUS* ...), in uppercase. ePSXe will load it on startup then and patch the game in memory on the fly !

  • MCI code is now disabled in WinNT/2k/XP, expect when you are using an external CD-ROM plugin which has its own CDDA functions (e.g. Pete's). Furthermore, the external CD-ROM plugins can now play some games like Tomb Raider I and II PAL, what was not possible before due to a bug in 1.4.0.

  • Fixed a bug in the internal CD-ROM plugins, which caused some games to hang when they played CDDA sound and later accessed a data sector (Rayman 1)

  • Fixed some bugs in savestates. New savestate are not compatibles with old epsxe versions, but the savestates from a savestate from an old version can still be loaded. The command line -ssv0 has been added, which will let ePSXe save the savestates into the old (but buggy) format. (Fixed savestates in square mdecs, and in threads of fate)

  • Some games which ran only with a certain bios version, should now run with any (only checked with Legend of Dragon PAL)

  • Fixed some GTE bugs. (Looney Tunes: Perro y Lobo, Nhl 99)

  • Included a file with help, what can be accessed from help->contents. (Thanks to Bobbi of www.ngemu.com)

  • Last hour changes in internal spu, what fixes Metal gear solid and Valkyrie profile sound, but we have not had too time for test it ;-)

  • Added a new workaround in order to run Parasite Eve 2 (thanks to Psychojak!). You need to use the command "-pe2". Some PE2 versions are automaticly detected and don't need it though. We didn't play through the complete game though, we we can't tell if it's playable until the end.

  • Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which make some more games playable like for example Valkyrie profile, Syphon filter series speech, Rayman 1, Micromachines V3, Croc 2, Duke Nukem: Land of Babes, Vrally 2 and Nfs 5 menus, Time Crisis 2 music, Casper Around the World ...

  • Multiples games can be played using additional commands like: Rebelt Assault 2 (-noignorecmd), Micromaniacs (-cdtiming), Front Mission 3 (-nocdinc) ...

News source: epsxe.com

Download: ePSXe 1.5.0 (175Kb)

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