@evleaks hints at Android powered Lumias from Microsoft

It would seem that the Nokia X series of Android powered phones may not be the last after all, if we're to believe a tweet posted by evleaks earlier today.

There's not much more to go on other than this announcement, but we'll be updating this article as more information becomes available.

Not long ago, rumors started circulating about the idea of running Android apps on Windows Phone. Neowin has spoken with sources with first hand knowledge of Microsoft's plans, who told us that the company has considered this path.

There is merit to this idea too. Windows Phone is often lamented for its lack of support from developers for critical apps. Yes, many key apps may be available, but consider even a high-profile example like the official Twitter app, which is an embarrassment to the service when you compare it to what is available on Android or iOS.

A few days ago we published more information on possible plans by Microsoft to allow installation of Windows Phone on Android devices, but so far these are merely ideas and nothing is set in stone.

But for Microsoft to start offering Android-powered Lumias seems like a strange decision, if only for the purpose of undercutting its own OS.

Source: @evleaks 

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