Facebook adds way to edit status updates comments

How many times have you written a comment in Facebook, responding to a friend's status update, only to find that you put in a typo or simply didn't write what you had in your head? Until now, all you could do was delete that comment or, if you saw an error quickly, you could edit it within a few seconds after you wrote that post.

Now Facebook is rolling out a new update that will allow its many users to actually edit a status update comment well after it is posted. Facebook's support page has the simple details of just how to edit a comment you have already written. According to The Next Web, this new feature should be available to all Facebook users in the next couple of days. It adds that users will be able to edit their comments at any time, even with comments that you have previously written on other user's status updates.

The new feature will even show a comment's edit history, as seen in the screenshot above. However, TechCrunch reports that this new feature is not yet available for Facebook's mobile apps or for its embeddable comment website widget.

Via: The Next Web
Source: Facebook Support Page | Image via Facebook

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