Facebook turns party into riot

There are many reasons not to advertise sensitive information on the internet, one of which being the possibility that a police helicopter will be summoned to your home.

Reports indicate that a party initially intended for seventeen erupted into a riot of hundreds of people. Hampshire police arrived on the scene, armed with the dog squad and a helicopter in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

Two teenagers, Jordan Wright, 17, and Seva Nureva, 15, are responsible for throwing the party.

The claim is that the party, which was posted on Facebook, was not intended to draw such a crowd. Allegedly, it was only meant for a small amount of people. Though, as with many things posted on the internet, the situation was then blown out of proportion.

Rioters broke property in Jordan's home, initiated fights in the streets and vomited in his bedroom but the boy remains oddly proud of the situation:

"I have no regrets at all. It was a great party. I am well proud that people are saying it cost the police £10,000. My mates are saying what a sick party it was - the best yet. "

The families of the children are apologizing to the community while public outcry calls for them to be held responsible for the £10,000.

Image from metro.co.uk

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