Facebook's first ever earnings call is today, 2PM PT

In one of the most anticipated earnings calls of the past few years, Facebook will be disclosing its financials to a conference call full of worried investors and shareholders dying for an explanation of the relatively poor performance of the company's stock. Its public infancy has been a colicky one at best, suffering from a shockingly low IPO performance that has yet to reach its initial estimated price of $38/share.

A live webcast will be available at the Facebook's Investor relations page, so you can hear the call, starting at 2PM PT, along with the shareholders. While we doubt that Zuckerberg will be inviting the likes of professional Zuckerberg impersonator Andy Samberg to the event, the call is sure to be an interesting one. Aside from explaining to shareholders how Facebook plans on recovering shareholder value over the short-term, expect some talk about future plans to monetize various other aspects of the service, specifically in the mobile space. 

Users continuously upset at Facebook's lack of transparency over privacy settings will at least have a slight reprieve as its financial performance is laid bare before hungry investors and analysts. While many Facebook events tend to filled with optimism and flair, this conference is sure to be a decidedly apologetic affair, all about how Facebook is going to fix what the market broke. It's a new tone for Zuckerberg, one he certainly hopes he won't have to take for long.

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