Facebook's Timeline won't work on IE7

If you are still a user of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 web browser and are also an avid Facebook user, you might have noticed something a bit odd. While other and more recent web browser can now access and use Facebook's Timeline profile feature, The Sociable reports that IE7 users can't see or use the Timeline feature.

Instead, those web browser fans can only see the previous profile page of their own and other Facebook users, along with what The Sociable calls "a number of very evident styling issues caused by IE7’s treatment of the style sheet language CSS."

It's likely that in the future, Facebook could dump support for IE7 entirely. It's certainly not a bad thing as Microsoft has since released two more modern versions of IE and will launch Internet Explorer 10 around the time it will also launch the Windows 8 operating system. The story points out that IE7 is currently only used by 4 percent of PC web browser owners.

Microsoft has already announced plans to offer automatic upgrades for older IE versions which will begin later in 2012. That should cut down on IE7's market share drastically and should also allow Facebook and other web sites to stop supporting IE7 completely.

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