Far Cry 3 release date delayed to December 4th

Far Cry 3 was one of the highlights of E3 2012 earlier this month, especially its recently revealed four-player co-op campaign. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer for the game to be installed on our hard drives.

As now shown on the game's official website, Far Cry 3 is now scheduled for a December 4th release date in the US. Previously the game was supposed to come out on September 4th. European gamers will now get Far Cry 3 on November 29th.

In a statement, Ubisoft's producer of the game Dan Hay said:

We're taking more time to create the best possible gameplay experience. Far Cry 3 is a huge offering and we want every element of this insane, action-packed adventure to be of the highest possible quality for the players.

Previously, Ubisoft was supposed to hold a beta test for the game later this summer. It's currently unknown if this new release date delay will also push back the beta test as well.

As we have reported before, Far Cry 3 combines the tropical island setting of the first game in the FPS series with the open world gameplay and more realistic enemies and missions of Far Cry 2, which was set in Africa. The four-player co-op support will be part of a separate campaign in the game.

Source: Far Cry 3 website | Image via Ubisoft

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