February 3rd declared Entertainment Software Day

The state of Texas in the United States has officially declared February 3rd 'Entertainment Software Day', celebrating the benefits that video games have brought to said state.

This is the first time in history video games have been officially recognized in this fashion, but is very deserving, as the industry has brought 395 million to Texas' economy. Texas seems very supporting of video games, as their government passed a bill in 2007 allowing video game developers to receive tax rebates, making their work more profitable and give a higher incentive.

Michael D Gallagher, CEO of the ESA, stated that, "The support of Governor Perry, Senator Deuell and Representative Dukes for the entertainment software industry in Texas is an endorsement of the artistic and economic contributions our industry has made to the state". He also stated, "These lawmakers are helping grow our industry as we work to create new jobs for Texans; boost the state's economy; and help discover new ways computer and videogames can improve the ways Americans live, work and play."

This is a good step for video games, with them being recognized for good causes, and not just for bad.

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