Feds want hackers to secure the nation's networks

Hackers can cause governments a large amount of trouble from day to day, from stealing valuable info to changing websites, and they're getting a bit fed up about it. A job posting has been listed on ResumeWare.net, asking for an applicant who will "understand hacker methodologies, tools, and tactics. Additionally, the candidate will have an understanding of common operating system and domain structures, servers, services, and associated vulnerabilities."

This report comes from Fox News, who say the job posting is on behalf of the Homeland Security Department, and that they (the applicant) would receive payment to secure the nation's networks. It seems everybody is getting on the cyber security bandwagon; the Pentagon is increasing the number of security experts they have from 80 to 250 by 2011. David Powner, who is the director of technology issues for the Government Accountability Office, said that, "We're clearly not as prepared as we should be." The U.S. has not kept up with technology innovations which are needed to protect the country from cyber attacks, of which there are a vast amount each day. The Pentagon has reportedly spent over $100 million in the last 6 months, on repairing damage from these attacks, and responding to them.

It's good to see security against cyber attacks being stepped up, and it will be a vital step in many respects. The U.S. is ill-prepared for a cyber attack, as Fox News states, and this job posting will fill a position in the government that is greatly needed.

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