Firefox for Windows 8 gets new status update

A month ago, Mozilla programmer Brian Bondy posted a status update on plans to bring a "Metro" version of Firefox to Windows 8. Today, Bondy made yet another post detailing the progress of the project, but there's still no word on a specific launch date for the browser.

The blog post goes over several topics, including how the front end for the Windows 8 port of Firefox is progressing. Bondy writes:

Several keyboard shortcuts were added, the new tab page is now the default home page, and a ton of small glitches on the front end are now fixed. There are 2 modes for tabs in the Metro Firefox front end. You can have tab previews above the URL bar when you swipe down, or you can have classic style tabs that are always showing. The mode-selection persists now when you toggle between the 2 modes.

Bondy also writes about how Firefox in Windows 8 can be set up to be the default web browser for a PC. He states:

The only way for a browser to set itself as default now, is to ask the OS to do it. And the OS asks the user to do it. For this reason, we're switching the startup check to be a nice Windows 8 fly out which asks you to select your default browser. This fly out only has the ability to set the HTTP defaults though.

At the moment, Mozilla has not set a specific launch date for the first public launch of Firefox for Windows 8, but the company has said in the past it should be released sometime before the end of September. Bondy does say that Flash support for Firefox in Windows 8 will be disabled for the public preview version.

Source: Brian Bondy blog | Image via Mozilla

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