Firefox Lockwise now alerts you when your password is involved in a breach, plus more

Mozilla integrated its password manager, Lockwise, into Firefox in October of last year. The feature allows you to manage your login details and any changes you make will sync across all your devices. Plus, it can also generate strong passwords for you and then save them to Lockwise.

Today, the company released a new update for Firefox that beefs up password security for users. Part of this update is the tool's ability to display critical alerts that warn you if any of your saved login details has been involved in a breach. It works by checking your encrypted list of passwords against the breached website information. This capability wass already available on Firefox Monitor as part of Firefox 70 released late last year, but now integrates into Lockwise too.

Of course, when Lockwise finds any vulnerable password, it will also ask you to change your login details, especially if these have been used on another account that may have been affected by a breach. You can access your saved passwords by heading over to the Lockwise dashboard (click the hamburger menu at the top right corner of the browser) and then opening "Logins and Passwords".

The password manager has also added a new feature to further protect your saved credentials from prying eyes. The tool now requires anyone to enter the device password if they attempt to view or copy any saved password. After that, the login details will be visible for only five minutes. Also, you can now use Lockwise to generate secure passwords when setting up an account with more websites.

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