Firefox Update Leads to Java, Flash Glitches

If you, a customer, or someone you know uses Firefox, you or they probably had to stop at some point over the past week and install it's update. So you may want to know about this, from Percy Cabello at

Firefox users who updated to the latest Firefox version released last week may find that the Java plugin doesn't work. Apparently one of the dozens of bugs fixes uncovered a Java plugin misbehavior that prevents it from starting properly and crashing the browser. A bug has already been filed on Sun's bug tracking system.

The post also includes some "work around" information. Other problems with the update have also emerged, such as "Flash-related crashes in Mac OS X," according to Mozillalinks. Mozilla has been in the middle of several mini-storms over the past few weeks. The company has launched an aggressive mobile strategy, lost some of its top developers and, last week, one of Mozilla's directors, Chris Blizzard, said he was leaving his job at Red Hat to go to work for the organization on its "evangelism team."

News source: CRN

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