GameCube controllers can now be used with Nintendo Switch

Around a week ago, Nintendo released version 4.0.0 of the Nintendo Switch firmware bringing with it a number of improvements and new features, including the ability to capture video on selected games, a range of additional user icons, and the ability to pre-purchase titles via the Nintendo eShop. However, the official changelog omitted any mention of support for USB headphones, albeit via one of the USB Type-A ports and only while the console is docked.

Now, it seems that another unmentioned feature also leveraging USB has been discovered courtesy of Master Mewking on Twitter.

While some managed to get GameCube controllers to work with the Nintendo Switch on firmware version 3.0.0 in conjunction with a Mayflash adapter, it appears that with the latest firmware update the first-party GameCube adapter for Wii U now also works, with a bit of patience. Interestingly, the accessory was primarily intended to allow gamers to use their GameCube controllers to play Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. Given the notable absence of a Smash Bros title on the Switch, the undocumented support could potentially indicate the imminent to short-term arrival of the next series installment.

Of course, your mileage may vary given the feature's omission from the changelog, but it may turn out to be an appreciated capability for gamers looking to make use of their existing controllers, should GameCube games also be offered for download on the Switch in the future.

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Source: Master Mewking (Twitter) via The Verge | Image via Walmart

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