Gamers get political action group

Calling itself the Entertainment Consumer Association (ECA), the new non-profit advocacy group is forging itself a place in gaming history. Based in Connecticut, the ECA's mission is to give a political voice to gamers in the US. The reason?

[To] "give game consumers a voice and to ensure that elected officials hear their concerns and appreciate the growing influence of the gamer demographic."
"Gamers represent nearly fifty percent of the US population and spend $10 billion annually on gaming, yet as a group are continually overlooked by both politicians and the mainstream press."

The ECA also intends to offer members, who will be requested to pay $20 per year, goodies from discounts on game subscriptions, rentals, and educational purchases to "insider access to industry news and events." The move comes as no surprise, especially after the government has started interfering with game ratings and Florida's recent ruling against Rockstar's game dubbed "Bully".

Link: Neowin Forum Discussion | ECA
News source: Ars Technica

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