GameStop: Gamers won't buy next Xbox if it blocks used games

Earlier this week, rumors hit the Internet that Microsoft was going to keep gamers from playing used disc games in the next version of the Xbox console via a unique activation code for each game copy. Since that report, Microsoft issued their standard statement that said they do not comment on rumors or speculation.

Those rumors were enough to send the stock price of game retailer GameStop down six percent in trading on Wednesday. GameStop gets much of its revenue by selling users games that are traded in by its customers. Today, a spokesperson for the company issued a statement that could be considered a warning to any game console maker who restricts the sale of used games for their next hardware product.

Bloomberg reports that, according to GameStop spokesperson Matt Hodges, the retailer has taken surveys of its customers that are signed up for its PowerUp Rewards program. The results of those surveys show that they would be less inclined to buy a console if they were restricted in their play of used games.

Hodges added:

We know the desire to purchase a next-generation console would be significantly diminished if new consoles were to prohibit playing pre-owned games, limit portability or not play new physical games

GameStop did not go into detail about the survey results. There's also no word on if GameStop has any advanced information on what the next Xbox will be like. Microsoft has yet to officially confirm it has such a product in the works but it is highly expected that it could be announced later this year for a launch in fall 2013.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via GameStop

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