Gigabyte makes building your own all-in-one PC possible

Many people here at Neowin take pleasure in building their own desktop computers from scratch, using a variety of readily available enthusiast parts to make the PC as powerful or as economical as possible. Gigabyte has provided a number of these sorts of parts over the years, but now they want to expand into a new DIY realm: self-building all-in-one computers.

At CES 2013, Gigabyte has teamed up with Intel to provide a new set of standards and components that will help you build a computer right into the back of a monitor. Through specially-developed cases - which include an LCD panel mounted to the front - and ultra-low-profile mini-ITX motherboards (which Intel are dubbing "Thin Mini-ITX"), creating one of these computers will become much easier.

One particular Thin Mini-ITX motherboard, which PCWorld managed to take a look at, uses Intel's H77 chipset and contains an LGA 1155 CPU socket for use with low-power Ivy Bridge processors.  By combining this with one of Gigabyte's DIY AIO monitor-cases, complete with a full cooling solution and drive bays, you can make an all-in-one system just how you like it.

Of course, these DIY all-in-one systems are not meant to be particularly powerful, as the form-factor prevents you from adding in a discrete graphics card at this stage; this means you'll be stuck with Intel's integrated on-die graphics in the processor you choose. However the form factor will be compact and ideal for those people who don't want a full desktop, but want a specific hardware build for possibly cheaper.

The DIY all-in-one components will start to hit the market in Q1 2013 - motherboards will be in the $100 range, while the cases will cost upwards of $300 depending on the display size you desire.

Source: PCWorld

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