Google announces Google Sync

Wireless syncing seems to be all the rage these days, and if you're using Google's Contacts and Calendars service but get tired of have to manually sync your info, this is the tool for you. Lifehacker reports that Google Sync can work on your iPhone (or iPod touch), Symbian phones, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices.

The Sync service itself uses a Microsoft ActiveSync protocol in order to keep your data up to date. It's a Push service, meaning that you won't have to push any 'Synchronize' buttons in order to update your phone; it'll just happen. So, any changes you make to your Google Calendar, etc, info will be synced over the air, whether the change was made on the phone or on the web browser.

BlackBerry users may be slightly confused, but they've actually had Google Sync available since last year, but it's a good step to see Google expand this to a large amount of other devices.

For Google's explanation of the service, check out this video.

If you want to set this up right now, head over to Google Sync's page to see how it's done.

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