Google changes search results for more timely hits

When you use a search engine to find information on a topic, you hope that the search results would offer the most up to date and relevant info on your subject. Sadly, sometimes that hasn't been the case when a person uses Google's search engine. But now Google claims that it has come up with a new algorithm for its search results that it claims will give users much more timely info than before.

While Google is always making changes to improve its search results, this is a major update that could affect 35 percent of all searches made on the service, according to a post Thursday on Google's blog site. You can see an example of those changes above this post which now shows recent articles about the Occupy Oakland protests on top rather than stories that might have run a few days ago.

This will also change how Google provides results for searches that deal with annual events. Say you were searching for info surrounding the annual E3 gaming trade show in Los Angeles. Google's search results should show the most recent and relevant Internet articles surrounding the show rather than news about the event from several years ago.

Finally if you are looking for the most up to date info about a recurring topic like "Best PC Games" Google should be able to give users the most up to date info about that topic instead of showing a "Best PC Games" list from the year 2000.

Of course, this kind of a change to Google's searches can be a double-edged sword. Perhaps an older article that has better and more accurate info on a subject might be bypassed in the search results in favor of a newer article that isn't quite as accurate or detailed about the topic. Hopefully Google's new way of handling searches won't sacrifice accuracy for timeliness.

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