Google Continues Pranks

Search giant Google is reasonably notorious for amusing and subtle April fools pranks. Previous years have seen technological revolutions such as PigeonRank, their patent pending new search technology using pigeons.

Not to be out done, the latest crop of engineers at Google have got two launches today for watchers. Google Romance was launched, with the amusing by line - "Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on Google". Using I'm feeling lucky search techniques, Google can pair you up with your love.

Also spotted today are craftily placed aliens in area 51. You can see them at the link below. Question you've got to ask yourself, however, is whether or not this is an April fools prank? You've been warned.

Elsewhere on the web, geeks spewed hilarity quite literally on-mass. From the BBC to other favourites, the 'comedy' kept on coming.

View: Area 51

View: Google Romance

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