Google has no plans to use Windows 10's Action Center for Chrome

For those wondering if Google will support notifications appearing in the Action Center of Windows 10 anytime soon, there's a definitive answer on the subject, and that answer is 'no'.

In responding to a feature request topic on the Chromium support site titled "Display Chrome notifications in Action Center on Windows 10" a Chrome support moderator by the name of "ho" updated the topic to WontFix and added:

"Thanks for the input and ideas! We've discussed this quite a bit and decided not to integrate with the system level notification at this time. It would create a weird state where Chrome behaves differently on Win 10 than on Win 7/8 and developers of extensions/websites wouldn't know what they design for. Maybe we can revisit it in a few years when most users are on Win 10 :)"

Ho further elaborated on the decision in a follow up post after users began to berate the decision, by stating that the reasoning is due to the fact that in Windows 10, "using the native notification system would mean that all notification[s] could show briefly before disappearing but they could also not show, depending on a user setting."

It's clear that the dev team for Chrome prefer a blanket approach to how notifications work and remain controlled by the browser, rather than the OS. The current Notifications Center for Chrome was updated and introduced in 2013, and later rolled out to the stable channel.

Web developers can configure notifications to display rich info, such as images, messages and quick actions. Replying to an e-mail, for example, can be done directly without the need to actually go to your inbox.

Maybe they'll update the in-browser version to at least support "Quiet hours" or maybe we'll just have to wait "a few years."

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