Google implements Flash with Instant Previews

It was today that Google chose to implement their newest change for the Instant Preview feature on their world-leading search engine. When you tried to use the Instant Preview feature with a Flash-based site in the past, it would not work, and instead displayed a plug-in error as the Google bots would not display Flash support.

As Electronista reports, this is no longer the case; Flash works with the Instant Preview feature now. The limitation seems to have been eradicated. According to Raj Krishnan, one of Google's product leads, the change would make end users 'happier', and encouraged web developers to optimize their code so that Flash would run more quickly.

Google is commonly perceived as having the best business relationship with Adobe; the two companies have been rather closely connected in the past. Android 2.2 and up have included Flash support, and Flash is built-into Google's Chrome web browser as well. As of now, it is unknown whether or not Flash will be supported in the Instant Preview feature for Android devices, but if Google's past relationships with Adobe are anything to go by, the two are almost definitely looking into making it happen if it is not already available.

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