Will Google pay $1 billion to keep Bing from being the default iOS search engine?

There's nothing worse than having to sign a new contract that you know will cost you more than what you paid for in the original agreement. Today, there's a new rumor that Google could have to pay a massive amount in 2014 in order to keep its current default search setup for Apple's iOS devices.

How massive could it be? TechCrunch reports that Google may have to pay as much as $1 billion for the iOS search renewal. The number comes from Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt, who thinks the deal between Google and Apple is based on how many iOS devices that Apple sells.

The more iPhone and iPads are sold, the more money Google may have to pay to keep its default search rights to those products. The article claims that Apple has received bids from Microsoft to have its Bing search engine take over; Bing is the default search choice for both Nokia's phones and, surprisingly, BlackBerry phones as well.

While Google will likely end up renewing its current search agreement for iOS, it would certainly be a huge coup for Microsoft if they were able to outbid Google for those search default rights.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via Google

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