Android apps on Windows 8 get the green light with BlueStacks

One of the constant complaints about Windows 8 is the lack of applications in the Store from big name brands such as Twitter and Facebook. If you happen to be deeply invested in the Android ecosystem and want to bring some of those apps to Windows 8, BlueStacks is ready and waiting for you to download their software.

BlueStacks has been working on its Windows 8 product for quite some time and is finally ready to kick the goods out into the open with the announcement that BlueStacks is out of beta and is optimized for the Surface Pro.

When running on the Pro, you will be able to take advantage of the systems built in sensors and be able to go full-screen as well.

The service will fill a niche gap for users who require certain Android applications on their Windows 8 device. Although, we do suspect that as the install base of Windows 8 becomes larger, services like BlueStack and their value proposition will quickly decline. 

Hit up the source link to be able to download the software to get your Android apps up and running on Windows 8.

Source: BlueStacks

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