Google reverses itself on video refunds

After shutting down its video download store last week, Google angered some Google Video customers who had paid for movies but were locked out when the store was shut down. At first, the search giant offered to refund customers in credit to their Google Checkout accounts but after wide criticism, Google admitted that the move was "self-serving" and announced that it would give credit card refunds to anyone who had ever bought a video on the site. In addition to the credit card refunds, those who received Google Checkout credits for videos could keep those as well. "Think of it as an additional 'We're sorry we goofed' credit," said Bindu Reddy, the store's product manager.

Google has said that the company wants to concentrate more of its attention on video search and its video-sharing site, YouTube. The company has also not ruled out returning to video-on-demand in the future.

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