Google+ TV ad goes in circles

Google has been releasing more and more television ads lately, showing off how users can access Google's features like Google Docs, Chrome and others to, for example, start a restaurant. This week, Google launched a new TV commercial for a specific service, Google+.

The ad, which you can see above, puts most of the emphasis on the "Circles" feature that lets users of the social networking service arrange their various friends into custom groups (family, best friends, work associates) with the tag line, "Sharing, but like real life; that’s a plus."

The video also shows Google Hangout, the multi-user video chat service inside Google+. Obviously the idea is that connecting to lots of people in your circles and also via Hangout is a good way to extend your social life as a whole.

Officially Google has said that Google+ has about 25 million users, but that was a number of weeks ago and it's likely that number has increased quite a bit since then. It has also expanded Google+ to allow businesses and other organizations to sign up for accounts.

The big question is will this TV commercial attract mainstream users? They might be aware of Facebook or Twitter but it's more than likely that they're unaware of Google+, even though it has already generated a lot of buzz among the early adopter crowd.

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